E-Paysafe is a global payment service provider that offers safe, convenient, professional and simple payment solutions to merchants conducting cross-border business.

E-Paysafe has developed sustainable relationships with acquirers, payment service providers and merchants globally, working in collaboration to deliver a diversified suite of value-added payment-centric services and solutions to the customer.

Apply now for a merchant account and start processing credit cards as soon as tomorrow.

Our dedicated account managers will help you with approval, underwriting, setup, and security so you can start processing cards in no time.

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Our service

Global Credit cards acquiring

Visa/MasterCard/America Express/JCB/Diners Club/Discover


Both 3Ds and Non-3Ds


Capable of processing over 150+ currencies globally

Global Coverage

Europe/North American/Asia/Latin America….

White-label solutions

White-label solutions for your business with your own logo


.Brand recognition



.Customer satisfaction


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Risk management


Experienced team

We have very experienced team who have been in this payment industry at least over 8 years


Fraud & Risk protection

CVV requirements

Velocity settings

Ticket parameters specified

IP velocity settings

Limited access to certain geography locations

chargeback detections

and more


PCI compliance

PCI Compliance (also known as PCI DSS compliance) is adherence to a set of comprehensive security standards. It aims to reduce fraud and related costs for businesses around the globe utilizing credit card processing.

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Why us

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Funds safety

Security is always our first priority, both funds and data privacy

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Quick approvals

when KYC(Know Your Customer) is ready, which takes 1-2 working days to approve

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Easy API integration

Server to Server integration

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24/7 Full support customer service

Dedicated support team who understands your specific business type and industry

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